Thats me back in the day.  Punting against Utah State.

Hello, Welcome to Kickers Unlimited,

This site is for kickers and punters from high school to college. I will coach you to prepare you for the next level. My philosophy is; you take care of the classroom work and I will take care of the field work.  If you are a kicker, I will teach drills that you can do at practice. Punters the same,since I cannot be at practice with you guys.  These drills make sure you kick the ball straight and a straight ball will go through the uprights.

Punters, I have drills to show you that will make you consistant in your punts and we all know that consistancy will make you the starter. In my punting lessons I teach directional as well as the “pooch” punt and the “coffin corner” punt.  And the number one rule in punting is…….nothing is punted down the middle of the field, with the exception of the “pooch” punt. You want that punt nice and high so your coverage guys can down that punt before it bounces into the endzone.

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